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Why is the holiday season important for restaurants?

For most restaurants, the festive season is the busiest time of the year. With spend at restaurant’s increasing 12-15% it’s also the perfect opportunity for brands to capitalize on maximizing their year-end revenue. Due to a shift in diners behavior as a result of Covid-19, the industry has shifted to a 'reservation-approach' - booking during the 2020 festive season are already projected to be 24% higher than 2019?


The 3 Key Strategies to a Successful Holiday Season

Our guide will walk you through the three key strategies you need to adopt today to set your restaurant up for success come the festive season.

  • The importance of upfront payments and deposits to combat no-shows and drive revenue.

  • How to run personalized marketing campaigns that stand out from the competition.

  • Why your events need to seamlessly align with the guest experience.

Restaurant guide to the festive season