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Integrate your current POS system with our reservation platform and unlock new levels with hospitality with guest revenue metrics at your fingertips  

What is POS Integration?

POS integration is a way of sharing your revenue data with other software systems you use at your restaurant. An integrated POS system gives you up-to-date spend information for all your guests as they dine with you. 

Online booking widgets
Real-time spend
Update to date guest spend inside your table management system.
rich guest profiles
Lifetime value

Easily see the complete revenue history of your guests.

waitlisting software
Order history

See what your guests ordered as well as how much they spent.

free sms confirmation
Voided tickets

Deal with customer service issues by understanding voided POS tickets. 

block tables online
Restaurant analytics

Restaurant analytics generated from your realized revenue.

restaurant data download
VIP tracking

The best way to track VIPs - by how much they spend.

Guest & Table Management Platform

The easiest way to share POS data

Our integration is easy to use and fully editable without contacting support.

Guest & Table Management Platform
Micros POS
Support for Micros 3700 RES4 and RES5 and Micros Symphony 1.x-1.6
Squirrel POS
Connect your Squirrel POS to your restaurant reservation system. 
Brink POS
Operate totally in the cloud with Brink POS and Eat App.
Aloha POS
Increase the flexibility of your Aloha POS with integrated data sharing. 
Perfect for full service restaurants that use Posera's POS system. 
Northstar POS
Take the next step in increasing profit with our Northstar integration.
The best solution for connecting Xpient's POS to a reservation system.
Seamless POS between your Heartland POS and reservation system. 
Eat App is fully integrated with the Positouch POS system. 

Introducing Auto Matching™

Recommended Table-1

Auto Matching is a unique POS integration system that automatically associates POS tickets with guests. The result? No more manually entering data = countless staff hours saved. 

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