Great marketing starts with rich guest data

Eat App enables enhanced restaurant marketing through guest data tracking. 

Advanced segmentation

Powerful filtering and segmentation tools enable customized marketing campaigns. Send special offers or up-sells that target loyalty or deliver specialized marketing to your VIP customers.

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Personalized SMS and Email Marketing (1)

Improve loyalty with personalized Email and SMS marketing

Connect your guest segments to our integrated Email and SMS marketing system. Send targeted messages based customer activity and start improving marketing metrics across your restaurant. 


Generate revenue from
off-peak hours

Offer guests customized discounts per time slot and start filling your restaurant outside of peak hours. Offer flat or variable discounts depending on the time of booking - all easily accessible directly from your website widget.

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Eat App Partnership

Connect your restaurant to the biggest online channels

Our reservation network including official partnerships with Google, Maps, Instagram and TripAdvisor massively extends the marketing reach of your restaurant.

Access millions of diners

Automatically deliver live table inventory into a wide selection of online social, travel and discovery networks, and allow guests to seamlessly book. Activate the most powerful way of increasing reservations.


Power better guest relationships with automated surveys 

Get 10X more customer feedback compared to paper surveys with automated online surveys. Customize your questions and the system handles the rest including sending and reporting. Track ratings overtime, highlight wins or take action when you've missed the mark. 

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