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Get customers back with our marketing suite 


Run impactful marketing campaigns designed to drive repeat visits and loyalty. Your Eat App guest database makes it easy to run personalized SMS and email campaigns on autopilot.

Marketing Automation

Increase results and save time with marketing campaigns connected directly from your guest database. Create custom emails, targeted lists and personalization all within Eat App - no need for extra marketing tools.

  • Easily reach VIP customers only
  • Encourage first-time guest to directly
  • Include personalized booking links to drive results


Restaurant Automation

Maintain your brand online

Customize your booking widget, email and SMS communications to match the look a feel of our brand or website. We help deliver a consistent and seamless, pre-dining guest experience.

  • Match widget colors to your website and brand
  • Customize email with template builder
  • Include terms and notes when guests place reservations.
Maintain your brand online

Guest Surveys 

Send automated post-dining guest surveys and receive results and reports about ratings and reviews. You'll know exactly who left the review making follow-ups easier and faster.

Collect customer data and feedback

Start building loyalty at your restaurant today