Table management software for restaurants

Eat is an easy and powerful table management system for restaurants to efficiently manage their tables - and seat more diners.

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Table Management

Track guests and fill tables

Know when a table is finishing 

See all reservations per table per shift in a single tap. 

Manage capacity

Table management that helps you balance demand with kitchen supply.

Fast and easy to use

Get those precious minutes back to focus on hospitality.

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Table Management

What is table management?

Table management means tracking and moving a guest from reservation to check dropped so your team can stay organized, give better service and seat dinners as efficiently as possible. Table management software, like Eat, empowers restaurants to work smarter and fill more tables.

Server management
Keep your team organized and find and troubleshoot problems as they arise.

Suddenly dealing with lots of walk-ins? Seamlessly collect their contact details and add them to your waitlist in seconds.

Tables per hour
Match table demand with kitchen capacity with our unique grid view feature.
Table Management

Complete Floor Plan Control

Need to block a table on Friday night? It's easy. Customize and categorize every table to your needs. 

Table Management

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