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Fast and flexible table management

Eat App's table management system is built around customizable views that help you manage your restaurant seamlessly and with ease.

  • Visualize the Floor
  • Searchable list
  • Smart Grid
  • Timeline View

Find empty tables on the spot by being able to visualize the floor plan in real time. Change the status of reservations on the go and find available times in seconds.

Visualize the Floor
Visualize the Floor

See reservations in a list, search, highlight, and change reservations quickly. 

Searchable list
Searchable list

Manage capacity with ease with reservations organized by 15min time slots.

Smart Grid
Smart Grid

Fill more of your floor with a birds eye view of all your time slots.

Timeline View
Timeline View

Manage guest and cover flow - fast

Seat guests faster and fill more of your floor with easy-to-use table management that keeps each shift on track and streamlined.



Manage guest and cover flow - fast

Continuously run a more efficient restaurant  

Discover Operator, our restaurant optimization tool that runs in the background and provides real-time suggestions for ways to improve performance.

Continuously run a more efficient restaurant

Automate daily operations

Setup rules to automate the tasks your team usually spends hours on. Once in place, Eat App's automation runs run in the background keeping your restaurant humming.

Automate Daily Operations

Know your guests

Keep track of preferences and dining history and access it at a glance or through our chit printer integration for outstanding, in-the-moment guest experiences.

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Know Your Guest

More table management features


Advanced shift editor


Fast floor plan editor


Print daily reports


Smart table suggestions


iPhone, Android, iPad and Web


Tags, statuses and notes

After over 4 years of working together, the Eat App team continues to improve, by taking into account what we, as service providers actually need. Their hands on approach and willingness to constantly evolve and upgrade is what sets them above the rest.

There’s a lot of very good things about Eat App. All the support staff, everybody was really good at getting us set up. The pricing I thought was very, very reasonable.

We were looking for a straight forward system for managing the restaurant. Eat App helped us implement a system that increased reservations by 15%.

This is our companies first time using any reservation software so this was a big deal. Their software is very easy to use and for the price it's very good.

With Eat App it makes it a lot easier for us to track regulars, spend for customers and any special requests or notes that customers make. It all contributes towards improving revenue continuously every month. 

Getting a demo of Eat App's restaurant management platform was easy. Within 5 minutes, they had responded and helped me set up my restaurant, while other systems took days to get back to me. It was as easy as setting up a Facebook account, I was amazed.

Honestly reservation-wise, Eat App is one of the best reservation systems I have worked with. And the support team is great. They reply to you at night at 10 or 11 at night. And this is what a restaurant needs.

Segan Cupido (1)

Segan Cupido

General Manager, Mirai
Riggers Loft

Kevin Brown

Owner, Riggers Loft
John Buenaventura

John Buenaventura

Culinary Director, Cuisinero Uno
Lost Dog Cafe (1)

Jade Deluca

General Manager, Lost Dog Cafe
Marc Ducasse (1)

Marc Ducasse

Operations Director, GBL Group
Ithra Winter Gardens


Ithra Winter Gardens by Pattis
Etienne Sabbagh (1) (1)

Etienne Sabbagh

Managing Partner of Baron

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