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Table management that helps you stay in control

Everything you need to turn more tables, manage shifts and keep guests happy.

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Eat App Table Management
Eat App Table Management

Reservations, Waitlist and Walk-ins  

Eat App is a fully integrated table management system that streamlines operations across the entire guest journey. Restaurants use Eat App to reduce wait times, fill more seats and keep service flowing smoothly. It's the ultimate command center for your host stand.

Eat App table management
Manage guest and cover flow - fast 

Eat App helps you streamline every part of the guest journey. From auto-assigning tables to fill more of your floor, to customizing the system to match your unique requirements, use Eat App to remove the chaos of managing every shift. 

Control capacity during Covid

Need to respond to ever changing dining restrictions due to Covid-19? Set your table management system to automatically control capacity so you can take the headache out of staying compliant. 


Restaurant capacity control
Automation Animation
Automate daily operations

Setup rules to automate the tasks your team usually spends hours on. Once in place, Eat App's automation runs run in the background keeping your restaurant humming.

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Shifts & availability

Eat App's advanced shift and availability engine is the back bone of your daily operations. Totally customizable, our editor gives you granular control over volume, pacing and online availability. 

Eat App Event Support
Run events, the smart way

Easily promote and sell events through your website widget. Collect revenue upfront with fully integrated PCI compliant payments, and manage your whole event though your table management system.

The Most Flexible Table Management System

Eat App's table management system is built around four customizable views that help you optimize operations in every situation. 


Manage service from a powerful digital floor plan. Real time management of your restaurant tables and look into the future of your restaurant.


See reservations in a list - quickly review and process them. The best digital reservation book available.


Reservations organized by 15 min time slots. It's our revolutionary capacity and guest flow tool.


Turn more tables, and quickly find open spots, with reservations in a daily calendar view. 

Eat App Table Management Suite

More Table Management Features

  • Customizable
  • Fast floor editor
  • Offline mode
  • Daily reports
  • Chit printer
  • Shared notes

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