What is CRM for restaurants?

Restaurant customer relationship management systems go beyond the simple guestbook. CRM systems help restaurants personalize the guest experience and get more repeat customers by combining guest data with targeted marketing campaigns. 

A CRM that supports hospitality

Give your staff access to rich customer data. Build customer profiles on autopilot. Track preferences and birthdays and start delivering personalized experiences for your guests.


Custom & Automatic tags

Tag customers in a way that makes sense to you - and add them to guests or reservations. Benefit from a completely customizable experience with emphasis on providing your guests with a memorable experience.

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Advanced Customer Segments

The most powerful customer segmentation tool available. Filter by last time visited, first timers, birthdays, tags, notes and spend.

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Email marketing

Segment your guests and send them the right emails at the right time. 


Merge contacts

Easily deal with duplicate records by merging contacts on-the-fly. 

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Shared CRM 

Operate multiple restaurants? Now you can share your guest lists between properties. A game changer.

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