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Powerful Restaurant CRM

A customer management and marketing system - designed specifically for restaurants. 


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What is CRM for Restaurants?

Restaurant customer relationship management systems go beyond the simple guestbook. CRM systems help restaurants get more repeat customers by combining guest data with targeted and trackable marketing campaigns.

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Find your best customers

The tools and filters you need to find and retain loyal guests.

Guest Insights

Create views and filters that reveal customer insights.

Reservation tags
Custom Segments

Filter your guests by what's important to you.

Customer Trends

Setup charts to help you understand growth in your CRM and database.

Campaign visitors

Smart email marketing for restaurants

Integrated email marketing for easier, faster and more powerful campaigns. 

Easy Template Builder

Add your images and content with a drag and drop email builder.

Campaign Analytics

We tie your campaigns to new reservations. Go beyond open rates. 

Targeted Messaging

Create customer segmentation the gets results. 

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