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Eat App helps you collect, organize and use your guest data

Start building your own guest database today. We help you deliver a more personalized guest experience by automatically tracking how many visits your guests have made, their personal preferences and easily identifying VIP or regular visitors.

Robust Guest Profiles 

Create profiles for all your guests that automatically update with visit numbers, preferences, notes and tags. You'll have insight into your guests at all times. 

Grow your guest database on autopilot

Track regulars and VIP guests with tags

Our easy-to-use tagging system allows you track all your guest data. Create your own tags or use the most common built in tags such as VIP or big spender. Tags are easily viewed on all your reservations so you know exactly who is walking in the door. 

Track regulars and VIP guests with tags

Filter and segment your customers

Get Eat App's no show reduction toolkit. A powerful set of features including payments and messages that combine to make empty seats a thing of the past.

  • See customer lifetime value
  • ️Find high spenders or most visited
  • ️Segment customers who haven't returned
  • See which channel guests booked from
Filter and segment your customers

Collect guest data and feedback

Automatically grow a rich guest database that helps deliver outstanding hospitality before, during and after service. Collect useful feedback with automated guest surveys.

Collect customer data and feedback

More restaurant CRM and guest database features


Complete reservation history


Merge duplicates 


Send segmented marketing emails


Mobile & iPad enabled 


Download customer lists


Share guest data across multiple restaurants

Get started with a powerful restaurant CRM and guest database today