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Powerful CRM for Restaurants

Track guests and stay up-to-date with preferences and diner history. Whether it's in your restaurant or your marketing, we help restaurants provide the best experience possible.

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crm for restaurants

What is CRM for Restaurants?

Today's diners demand a personalized experience. CRM systems like Eat enable restaurant staff to give the best customer experience throughout the diner journey. CRM for restaurants opens up new marketing and communication channels that improve retention and repeat business.

crm for restaurants

CRM: Grow Your Diner Database

Grow A Bigger Customer List

Automatically add online bookings to your database and easily add and sort new entries. Import your existing database in seconds.

Enable Better Marketing

Use the data that comes from restaurant CRM to plan and execute better marketing campaigns. 

Personalized Hospitality 

Provide a personalized experience by knowing diner history, notes and preferences.

crm for restaurants
crm software for restaurants

Focus on Loyalty, Retain More Customers

Repeat customers are a crucial revenue stream for many restaurants. Through better customer service and marketing with Eat, restaurants are retaining more diners over the long term. 

Rich Guest Profiles
Need to know who is VIP? Store diner preferences, notes and access complete diner history. 
Group customers into categories, customized to what's important for you.
Data Download
Whether it's for Facebook ads or email marketing you have unlimited access to your customer list.

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Restaurants across the world use Eat for restaurant CRM and to meet the needs of the modern, connected diner. 

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