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The 8 Elements of Superior Restaurant Customer Service

As a restaurant owner, you can have the best ambiance, excellent menu, ample waitstaff coverage and ...
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Eat App partners with Google to Bring 'Reserve with Google' to UAE's Restaurants

We're pleased to announce that Eat App has launched an official partnership with Google to bring ...
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Powerful Restaurant Management System

See how our guest management platform can improve hospitality at your restaurant.

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10 Easy Ways to Control Restaurant Food Cost

If you don’t bring them under control, food costs can cripple your restaurant.
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How to Write a Restaurant Mission Statement (Tips and Examples)

Your restaurant’s mission statement is a pillar of your identity. It tells the world who you are ...
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The Secrets to Getting More Restaurant Exposure with TripAdvisor Reviews

Tripadvisor reviews are essential for any restaurant business, but it can be hard work to encourage ...
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3 Restaurant Marketing Strategies That Work in 2019

The food industry has been greatly influenced by both digital marketing and social media marketing ...
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9 Ways to Market Your Restaurant with Print Advertising

Today, many advertising experts may consider print marketing outdated. However, local audiences ...
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Calculating Recipe Cost in Professional Restaurant Kitchens

It’s Business 101: the lower your restaurant costs, the higher your profit at the end of the day. ...
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Spicing Up Your Restaurant Menu: 5 Tips Every Restaurateur Should Know

The restaurant menu is both an important marketing instrument and a customer service tool. Not only ...
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9 Tips to Improve Restaurant Accounting (Including a Free Profit and Loss Template)

Running a restaurant can be an incredibly rewarding endeavor, especially when fueled by inspiration ...
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