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Introducing Restaurant Automation:

We're excited to release Eat App's latest addition to our restaurant efficiency suite in the form ...
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Introducing Phone Integration - the new, simple way to provide a seamless guest experience

We're excited to announce Eat App's latest feature - Phone Integration.
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Powerful Restaurant Management System

See how our guest management platform can improve hospitality at your restaurant.

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Introducing Automated Guest Surveys - the new, streamlined way of gathering guest feedback

We're excited to announce Eat App's latest CRM feature - Guest Reviews Surveys that don't need any ...
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How to Improve Efficiency at Your Restaurant

Efficiency is a critical component of restaurant success.
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Announcing Virtual Waitlists - the powerful, safe, new way to increase covers

We're excited to announce Eat App's latest reservation feature - Virtual Waitlists.
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The New Technology Changing the Way Restaurants Operate

Restaurants haven’t always been the quickest to respond to new technology.
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How to Calculate Restaurant Revenue

Calculating potential revenue is one of the most important tasks for a restaurant owner. As you ...
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5 Steps to Create a Memorable Restaurant Experience

Your restaurant patrons expect you to sweep them off their feet with a carefully tailored service. ...
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The 9 Best Online Restaurant Reservation Systems Compared (2020 Edition)

Today’s guests have a few expectations when booking a table.
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8 Best OpenTable Alternatives (2020 Edition)

In today's restaurant industry, guests don't expect much from restaurants when booking a table and ...
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