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An All-In-One Software For Your Cafe

check_circle Earn 5-star reviews

Encourage happy guests to leave top reviews with ease, boosting your cafe's reputation and attracting more visitors.

check_circle Easily market your cafe

Utilize our marketing tools to send blast messages via email or SMS, reaching out to your customer base with promotions, updates, and more.

check_circle Create a seamless walk-in experience

Greet walk-in guests with a quick QR code scan to collect their details, making it easy to improve their experience and keep them coming back.

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Host memorable events

Promote special events at your cafe with ease. Whether it's a themed brunch or a coffee-tasting session, Eat App helps you manage bookings and make each event a success.


Secure upfront payments

Offer a seamless booking experience for your guests by collecting upfront payments for events. Eliminate no-shows and ensure a full house for your special occasions.


Know who your VIPs are

Making sure your VIP guests feel extra special is a breeze with our integrated guest lists and reservation management solutions.


The complete management platform for cafes

Payments integrations

Payments integration

Trends and analytics

Trends and analytics

Shared notes

Shared notes

Connected guest database

Connected guest database

Merge tables

Merge tables

Guest profiles

Guest profiles

Manage servers

Manage servers

Shift reports

Shift reports


Hear from our valued customers


Eat App makes it a lot easier for us to track our regulars, how much they are spending, their special requests and any notes they make. We're able to give our regulars that extra bit of service.

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Do it all with Eat App


Reservations and table management

Maximize your floor space with optimized seating technology.


CRM and marketing campaigns

Create a strong guest database and track behavior in real time. Segment your database for personalized marketing campaigns.


Cafe events and pre-payments

Offer upfront payments, including deposits and pre-paid bookings, to minimize no-shows and facilitate pre-paid events.


Reporting and analytics

Access reports and analytics to track your cafe's performance over time.


Collect and manage online reviews

Use automated surveys to gain real-time customer insights and address complaints.


POS integration

Integrate your POS system for smoother operations and better data tracking.

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How can Eat App benefit my cafe?

Eat App streamlines your reservation process, manages your customer database, and provides valuable analytics that help you understand customer behavior and preferences. This leads to improved customer service, higher efficiency, and increased profitability.

What features does Eat App offer for cafe owners?

Key features of Eat App include real-time reservation management, customer database insights, automated reservation confirmations and reminders, marketing tools, detailed analytics, POS system integration, and feedback collection capabilities.

How does Eat App improve customer management?

Eat App allows cafe owners to build a comprehensive customer profile database that includes dining preferences, past orders, and visit frequency, enabling personalized service and targeted marketing strategies.

Can Eat App integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, Eat App can seamlessly integrate with various POS systems and other software solutions, ensuring that your cafe's operational data is synchronized and up-to-date across all platforms.

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