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10 million reservations processed
25% reduction in no-shows
500k staff hours saved

A reservation system designed to help you grow

It's opening time for your restaurant online. Connect to Instagram, Google, website and TripAdvisor. Get more direct reservations, and cut out the cover fees.

  • Connect all your channels
  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • Flexible to match your operations


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Trusted by the best restaurants in 60+ countries

Customer spotlight

Riggers Loft 

“There’s a lot of very, very good things about Eat App. Delightful and, you know, all the support staff, everybody was really good at getting us set up. The pricing I thought was very, very reasonable,”

Kevin Brown, Owner


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Kevin and Barbara Riggers Loft

Easily manage guest flow with table management

Stay on top of daily operations with all the tools you need to manage shifts, seat guests and manage guest preferences in real-time.

  • Volume and capacity control
  • Turn more tables
  • Build your customer database


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Complete control of all your channels

Automated guest messaging

Reduce no-shows, streamline the booking experience and keep your guests updated with automated guest messaging.


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Customer spotlight


“I like that Eat App is easy to use. I like the way the data presents itself. The way you put in your tags, guest notes, and there is a way you can do a guest note printout that I find really helpful."

Gabriela, Owner

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Wolfpeach Restaurant

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