Restaurant Analytics that Drive Profitable Businesses

Front-of-house, revenue focused restaurant business intelligence for reporting, forecasting and decision making.

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Spot trends, make decisions with your data

We surface the reservation and guest data that helps you increase profits.

Pick-up trends
Discover daily cover volume.
Business on the books
See how full you are in the coming days.
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Trend analysis
Find patterns in diner behavior and fill gaps.
Forward planning
Take action before it happens.
Customer tags
Shift reports
Keep your whole staff on the same page.
No show analysis
Discover no show rate and lower it.

Why are restaurant analytics important?

Instead of relying on intuition, restaurant analytics shows operators how their restaurant is truly performing. A robust analytics platform gives restaurants a way of tracking performance and setting targets for improvement.

  • What are the quietest periods?
  • Which servers bring in the most revenue per customer?
  • Is revenue growing over time?
  • What is the average customer lifetime value?
  • What is the no show rate?
  • What is the average table turn time? 
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Guest analytics with POS Integration

Take action based on your real revenue data with POS integration and analytics dashboards. 

POS Integration
Connect POS ticket data to your guestbook.
Revenue Dashboards
Useful reporting and analytics on revenue performance.
Real-Time Spend
Real time revenue tracking directly on your floor plan.

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