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Restaurant Analytics Designed to Help You Grow

Better business decisions start with data. Get the reports and dashboards you need to take your restaurant to the next level.

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Eat App Analytics
Eat App Analytics
Eat App Restaurant Analytics (1)
Track daily, weekly and monthly performance

Track key aspects of your restaurant's performance over any time period. Guests, reservations, POS data and more are all available in unique and customizable reports that help you identify pain points and easily share results and trends.

Next-level customer insight

Segment and filter your guests across the data points that matter. From visit count, to lifetime value and items ordered, start understanding what your guests love like never before.

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CRM for Restaurants
Restaurant Survey Analytics (1)
Guest intelligence reports

Customer feedback surveys become truly useful when combined with Eat App reports. See aggregate guest feedback scores to easily discover trends in customer satisfaction over time. 

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A Holistic View Of Your Entire Group

Track performance across your group

If you run more than one restaurant, all your reports are accessible on a group level. See relative performance between venues and get a holistic view of your entire operation. 

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Eat App Group Analytics

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Some of the unique reports you can only get with Eat App.

Repeat visit trends

Don't guess if your repeat visits are increasing. Use our unique guest retention curve to see how well your bringing guests back to your restaurant.

Busiest period

Find the busiest, (or least busy) hour in day, day in week, week in a month or month in a year - over any time frame. 

Survey analytics

Customer feedback surveys come into their own when you aggregate ratings across time. Easily see your rating trends over time with Eat App. 

Cover flow

The most granular way you can see cover trends at your restaurant. 

Reservation reports graphs

Better business decisions start with data

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