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What are restaurant analytics?

Increasingly, successful restaurants are making decisions based on data. Detailed information about customer dining patterns and revenue is used to feed into marketing campaigns, better in-house service, staffing and menu decisions. Software providers, like Eat, help restaurants leverage their data to connect all parts of their operations.  

restaurant analytics dashboard

Hospitality analytics for restaurants

Restaurant analytics

Diner analytics

Personalization with complete diner histories.

shift planning

Shift planning

Printable shift plans keep your staff organized and efficient.

better staffing decisions

Better staffing decisions

Improve profit margins with staff planning.

restaurant analytics dashboard

The data you need to increase revenue

  • Pick-up trends - discover daily cover volume
  • Business on the books - see how full you are in the coming days
  • Trend analysis - find patterns in diner behavior and fill gaps
  • Forward planning - take action before it happens
  • Shift reports - keep your whole staff on the same page
  • No show analysis - discover no show rate and lower it 

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