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Restaurants use Eat for managing restaurant reservations, taking online bookings and boosting revenue.

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What is Reservation Software?

Reservation software enables restaurants to manage bookings in today's digital focused world. Reservation apps, like Eat, allow restaurants to easily take bookings online, centralize reservations in a digital book and automatically assign bookings to tables.

Easy Online Reservations

Take and Track Reservations Across the Web

Eat's booking widgets work on your website, Google Business, and in any marketing campaign. Easily track where your reservations come from.

Easy to Install

Our widgets are super simple to install. Copy and paste a standard link and you're done. 

Block Online Bookings 

Instantly block or open tables to online reservations when you need to.  

See how restaurants get more reservations

Powerful restaurant reservation management


How does reservation software fit into your restaurant?

Restaurant reservation software controls your front-of-house and fits in with other restaurant management tools by automating and organizing the reservation process - freeing up your staff to provide better customer service. 

Run on iPads
Run your front-of-house on iPads for increased mobility and flexibility.
Unlimited Users
Eat is synced in cloud so you can run unlimited iPads and users across your restaurant.
No Setup Cost
With our reservation system there is zero installation cost at your restaurant.
Reservation Widgets
Powerful widgets for online reservations. Get more diners in the door.
Add walk-ins to your waitlist in seconds and estimate availability.
Automatically add online bookings to your floorplan.
Auto Suggest
Restaurant full at a particular time? We'll suggest other available reservation times.
Digital Book
Your reservations appear as a list in a digital book. 
Organize your reservations in a classic calendar.

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Start taking reservations from your website, Facebook page or anywhere else online and automatically add them to your floor plan.

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