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All-In-One Bar Reservation Management

All-In-One Bar Reservation Management

check_circle Boost your bar revenue

Prioritise direct, fee-free online reservations made through your website, Google, and social media accounts.

check_circle Own your customer data

Complete, unrestricted access to your customer database lowers costs while giving you complete control over the guest experience.

check_circle Personalize the guest experience

All of your guest information is available to you, including spending, preferences, and history. You're prepared to provide unforgettable experiences for your bar.

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We help bars increase revenue

Maximize revenue, every step

Maximize revenue, every step

Offer revenue opportunities throughout the customer journey, from pre-visit events to post-visit loyalty programs.

Reduce no-shows

Reduce event no-shows

Easily collect upfront payments for events and special occasions, and use email and SMS alerts to automate the confirmation process.

Streamline operations

Effortless VIP arrivals

Integrated guest list and reservation tools streamline VIP arrivals, ensuring a smooth experience and efficient service.


The complete restaurant management platform for bars

Payments integrations

Payments integration

Trends and analytics

Trends and analytics

Shared notes

Shared notes

Connected guest database

Connected guest database

Merge tables

Merge tables

Guest profiles

Guest profiles

Manage servers

Manage servers

Shift reports

Shift reports


Hear from our valued customers


Eat App makes it a lot easier for us to track our regulars, how much they are spending, their special requests and any notes they make. We're able to give our regulars that extra bit of service.

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Manage your bar with Eat App


Reservations and table management

Optimize more space on your floor with advanced seating technology.


CRM and marketing campaigns

Create a strong guest database and track their actions in real-time. Split up your database into segments for targeted advertising.


Events and pre-payments

To minimize no-shows and manage pre-paid events, collect upfront payments, like deposits and pre-paid reservations.


Reporting and analytics

Analytics and reports that monitor the operation of your venue at any time.


Collect and manage online reviews

Real-time customer insights are made possible via automated surveys, that help handle complaints.


POS integration

For even more efficient operations and data tracking, connect your point of sale.

Have more questions about Bar Management Software?


What is bar management software?

Bar management software is a specialized tool designed to help bar owners and managers maximize their operations. This software's customized features are made to run a bar more smoothly and efficiently.

How will a bar management system help my business?

By effectively handling reservations, POS transactions, and marketing initiatives, bar management software increases revenue, improves client satisfaction, and streamlines operations. It guarantees compliance and offers insights for well-informed decision-making, both of which add to overall success.

What features should a bar management system include?

To guarantee smooth operations and an excellent visitor experience, bar management software should have tools for managing reservations and guest lists, point-of-sale transactions, marketing, analytics, and guest relationship management.

What is the cost of bar management software?

After registering for a trial, use Eat App FREE for 14 days to explore the advantages of bar management software. If you liked the experience, you can explore more pricing options here.

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