Go contactless at your restaurant

Support restaurant re-opening and respond to Covid-19 by enabling contactless ordering at your restaurant. Give your guests the option to pre-order before they arrive or place orders at their table.

Send via SMS

Unique to Eat App. Increase convenience and speed by sending your menu via SMS to guests in advance.

Access via QR Code or URL

Easily setup QR code or website solutions for guests to make contactless dine-in orders.


Eat App Contactless Dining Suite
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Revenue focused digital menu 

Setup your beautifully designed digital menu and add modifiers, upsells and preferences to maximize revenue from your menu. Stay reactive and quickly update menu options from a single dashboard.

Continue to deliver exceptional service

Don't let technology get in the way of great guest experiences. Our contactless dining system helps your staff focus on hospitality and customer service.

Exceptional guest service with Eat App
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Stand-alone or Integrated

Our contactless dining system can be used on its own or fully integrated with Eat App. When integrated, you'll be able to connect all your reservations and guests to contactless orders - streamlining the entire process.

Why contactless dining with Eat App?

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