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All your reservations, all the time

One central place to automatically store and manage all your reservations.

Online booking widgets
Free website bookings
Bookings through your website and social media with easy to install booking widget
rich guest profiles
Reservation network
Reservation partners including official partnerships with Google and TripAdvisor.
free sms confirmation
Free SMS confirmation
Send automated confirmation SMS and Email that keeps guests informed and reduces no shows.
block tables online
Block tables
Need the flexibility to block tables from online reservations? No problem.
Customer tags
Custom tags
Custom tags for reservations give you the power to personalize the guest experience.
Auto suggest
Auto suggest
Restaurant full? We'll suggest free times so you don't lose business.
Recommended Table

Table management designed to grow revenue

Tools for restaurants looking to prevent mistakes, stay organized and increase revenue. 

Recommended Table
Customizable restaurant floor plan
Custom floor plan
Fully customizable floor plan that keeps your restaurant on track every service.
Turn tables faster
Turn tables faster
Indispensable timers for optimizing flow and turning tables faster. 
restaurant server management
Server tracking
Track and assign staff members to tables and sections.
Shift reporting
Shift planning
Easily switch between shifts and keep staff in the loop with printable shift plans.
chit printing functionality
Chit Printing
Print reservation details for your servers in seconds.
Table conflicts
Our algorithm lets you know if your seats are optimized.

Upgraded hospitality with guest level analytics 

Take action based on your real revenue data with POS integration and analytics dashboards. 

POS Integration
Connect POS ticket data to your guestbook.
Reporting Dashboards
Useful reporting and analytics on the revenue performance.
Real-Time Spend
Real time revenue tracking directly on your floor plan.

Introducing Grid™

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Grid™ is an innovative product built especially for busy restaurants that need to balance kitchen capacity with dining room availability. It helps staff seat guests as quickly as possible without the risk of a bad customer experience.

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