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Our feature rich platform helps you spend more time creating outstanding guest experiences while your restaurant runs on autopilot.
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Your restaurant is now efficient

Table management that helps your staff meet your goals. Fill more of your floor, control and manage guest flow and free your staff from wasted time trying to stay on top of everything.

Table management
See your restaurant through powerful tools, timeline, grid, floor and list, all designed to help you become more efficient. Easily prevent double booking, overflow and kitchen capacity issues so service runs smoothly each and every time.

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Table management eat app
Capacity & shifts

Staying on top of capacity is part of the new normal. Take the guesswork out of restrictions and keep guests safe with easy volume capping and pacing tools that automatically fill your tables as you need.

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Stay in sync

Everyone works in harmony. Share reservations, guests and notes across multiple devices that sync every three seconds.

Turn more tables

Receive smart in-app suggestions for how to optimize seating. Eat App also analyzes your availability and automatically fills your restaurant to maximize revenue.

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Phone integration

Wasting time on calls? With phone integration you see all your guest data before you answer so you can deal with requests faster and deliver a personalized experience at first contact.

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Eat App Phone Integration

Turn your guest data into better
guest experiences

Eat App transforms guest data into guest intellegence. When your data is organized, and always at your fingertips, it enables guest experiences and personalization that drive the most important thing - loyalty.

Guest profiles

Put data at the heart of the guest experience. Easily capture preferences, history and spend and see it when you need it most - in the moment. We help you use your guest data in a way that feels intuitive and natural.

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Advanced Guest Profiles
Analytics & Reports

See exactly how your restaurant is performing. Spot trends in busy periods, no shows, waitlists and many more. Surface totally unique reports on guest trends and spending patterns.

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CRM & Marketing

Eat App's CRM takes your guestbook to a whole new level. Filter and segment your guests to discover trends, and feed them into targeted email and SMS marketing campaigns. It's where guest data meets marketing.

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Surveys & Feedback

Automated post-dining surveys delivered via email and SMS, and collected for you into handy daily reports. Ditch the paper surveys and replace with actionable feedback you can easily share with your team.

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Get more customers online

More than ever people are making dining decisions online. From Google to social media and beyond, guests are fining inspiration across the web. Eat App delivers seamless reservations where your customers live online. Boost profit, save time and take control of your guest data with Eat App.

Online reservations

Enable easy 24/7 real-time online reservations connected directly to your floor plan and shifts. The Eat App widget centralizes all your bookings, builds your guest database on autopilot and gives you back control of your data. That's better.

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Eat App Partnership Network
Reservation network

Meet your customers where they live online through real-time integrations with Google, TripAdvisor, Zomato and many more. Start delivering a seamless guest experience beyond your website.

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Walk-ins & Waitlist

It's not just about reservations. Reduce wait-times and seat guests faster with integrated waitlisting and walk-ins. Forget about unnecessary hardware and switch to a SMS waitlisting system focused on easy of use and safety.

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Payments & Events

Receive smart in-app suggestions for how to optimize seating. Eat App also analyzes your availability and automatically fills your restaurant to maximize revenue.

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What else do you get?

  • Manager app
  • Data download
  • Data security
  • Knowledge base
  • Training & onboarding
  • Offline mode
  • Roles & permissions
  • Floorplan editor
  • iFrames & Pop-ups
  • Database upload
  • Custom messaging
  • Advanced waitlist

Simplify your daily operations with Eat App

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