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Restaurant feedback & survey software

Ditch the paper surveys and move to Eat App's automated restaurant feedback & survey software. Get real-time actionable feedback delivered to your inbox along with live reports that help your team create memorable guest experiences.

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Unlock Rich Guest Data with Automation
Unlock Rich Guest Data with Automation
Post-dining survey
Post-dining surveys on autopilot

Automated guest surveys helps you focus on what matters most to your guests without having to lift a finger. Turn it on and watch as highly actionable feedback is delivered in real-time to your inbox.

What makes Eat App's feedback software better?

Post-dining surveys typically require the use of third-party software that does not connect to your existing table management and reservation system. Eat App's post-dining survey's, however, come integrated right out of the box - helping you automatically collect feedback from guests after their dining experience and then presenting that data in actionable and easy to read daily reports.

Daily email reports

Wake up to a daily digest of your recent restaurant post-dining surveys so that you can kick-start your day with actionable team meetings focused on the guest experience.

Customizable surveys

You get to decide what questions matter most to your restaurant and then instantly start collecting data points from your guests.

Actionable analytics

Easy-to-read charts and reports help you understand how your business is performing over time. 

Eat App Post dining surveys
Restaurant CRM
No guest gets left behind

From rich guest profiles to daily emails and reports, Eat Apps' fully integrated solution means that no guest experience gets ignored. Happy customers are retained with automated messaging that keeps them coming back while unhappy customers are immediately brought to your attention. 

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