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Keep guests and staff safe

Restaurants, breweries and bars are facing new standards for operation due to Covid-19. Reduce your costs, remain compliant and avoid fines with powerful and easy-to-use hospitality tools.

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Automated capacity management

Tools you need to meet capacity and social distancing restrictions so you can operate safely and with peace of mind.

Capacity Management - Eat App

Contactless dining

Keep guests and staff safe with in-restaurant ordering that doesn't compromise the guest experience.  

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Online reservations & offers

Shift to on online reservations and integrate offers that encourage guests to return.   

Drive more revenue with online bookings (1)-1

Reduce no-shows and protect revenue

Reduce no-shows with reservation deposits and prepayments, as well as automated confirmation and custom T&C's.

Automated Payments Integration


Additional Covid-19 Resources 


How to Reopen Your Restaurant After Covid-19

When it comes time to start reopening your restaurant after Covid-19, it's unlikely to be business as usual. There are hundreds of decisions and steps you need to take on the path of becoming fully operational again in the new restaurant landscape.

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10 Ways of Reducing Expenses After Covid-19

Running a restaurant is expensive. High fixed and working costs like labor expenses, inventory expenses etc. make maintaining costs difficult. With Covid-19 having a massive impact on the restaurant industry, maintaining restaurant costs has become more important than ever.

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Driving Restaurant Revenue During Covid-19

The hospitality industry has taken a massive hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With government officials urging their residents to practice social distancing and remain indoors, it's now harder than ever for restaurants to maintain their already razor-thin profit margins.

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