restaurant management system

Complete Restaurant Management System

A restaurant management system for iPad providing table and contact management, online reservations, notifactions and improved marketing.

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restaurant management system

What is Modern Restaurant Management?

Modern restaurant management means using a centralized digital system to support all aspects of running a restaurant. System's like Eat help restaurant staff track guests, provide personalized service, manage bookings and make better business decisions based on data.  

Online Restaurant Reservation System

Take Control With a Reservation System

Complete Table Management

Table Management

Take advantage of a fully customized floorplan that enables you to fill more tables and track your guests.

Online Reservation Management

Reservation Management

Guests can book from your website, social media or anywhere else on the web. The system automatically allocates the best seats.

Complete Revenue and Reporting

Revenue and Reporting

Restaurant analytics designed to help you make business decisions that effect your bottom line.

Online Restaurant Reservation System
Expand your restaurant potential

Reach New Customers

Your system should help you bring in new business. With flexible reservation widgets and improved marketing we help you find your next new diners.

Rich diner profiles
Diner Profiles
Keep track of diner preferences and visit history. Accessible to your whole team.
Fully customizable notifications
Reduce no shows with auto SMS notifications when you receive bookings.
Waitlist software
A wailtlist integrated into your floorpland and other bookings.

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