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Automation, The Future of Hospitality

Achieve peak efficiency at your restaurant with Eat App's fully integrated restaurant automation system. Say goodbye to hours of busy work and hello to time spent driving revenue, improving operations and delighting guests.
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Focus on the guest, automate the rest

Eat App's automation is a brand new way to streamline operations at your restaurant and it plugs right into your existing customer journey. 

What is restaurant automation?

Restaurant automation is an industry-first rule based system that allows restaurants to set up rules and actions across hundreds of data points that span guests, reservations, payments and even marketing. Combined, the rules and actions define how Eat App's automation system runs in the background to keep your restaurant running smoothly.

Eat App Product Suite
Your restaurant, on autopilot

Automation automatically updates reservations statuses when guests are late or never arrive.


Supercharge efficiency

Change the way your restaurant thinks about efficiency - replace routine tasks with automation to save hours of work.


Take personalization to new heights

Automatically trigger personalized customer messaging for special events like birthdays or anniversaries.

Unlock rich guest and reservation data

Make data driven decisions without ever compromising accuracy by standardizing the data collection process through automation.

Custom and Automatic Guest Tags (2)
Eat Apps CRM
Pinpoint your VIPs

Auto-tagging and messaging that helps you identify your highest value customers and then keep them coming back for more.

Optimize efficiency at your restaurant in 3 steps

Step 1: Pinpoint key areas that need optimization

Audit what is and isn't working at your restaurant and set aside what automation can start to optimize for you.


Step 2: Set up automation rules

Eat App's easy automation builder helps you quickly create automation rules on the fly so that your restaurant can start to run like clockwork.


Step 3: Run your restaurant on auto-pilot

Spend less time on repetitive tasks and let Eat App take care of your automation rules in the background without you lifting a finger. Leaving you more time to focus on the issues that matter.

The fastest way to supercharge efficiency at your restaurant

Let restaurant automation supercharge your efficiency

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