Micros POS Integration

The easy way to get started with integrating Micros POS with your restaurant guests.

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The easiest way to connect to Micros POS

Unlock the data stored in your Micros POS (Oracle Hospitality). Learn more about your guests and take action to improve hospitality. 


Guest data without the crazy fees

Other companies charge hefty monthly additional fees to integrate your Micros POS.  


Automatch POS tickets with tables

Restaurants choose us for Micros integration as we're the only system that algorithmically matches guests with tickets - saving you hundreds of hours of staff time.  

Online booking widgets
Guest analytics
Revenue from your Micros POS is attached to guests.
rich guest profiles
Customer life time value
Calculate customer LTV and track progress as you increase revenue. 
free sms confirmation
Real time guest spend
Guest spend is available in real time as your guests dine.
block tables online
Revenue per table
Discover your most profitable tables and hours.  
Customer tags
Update on demand
Change your floor plan? Update the table matching in seconds. 
Auto suggest
End to end encryption
Security is built in. Absolutely no data sharing with 3rd parties.

Micros POS + Eat App

Unlock the power of data at your restaurant with our easy to manage Micros POS connected reservation system.

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