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POS Integration For Restaurants

Connect your guest data with POS data and get rich revenue and order info at your fingertips. 

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Eat App Analytics
Eat App Analytics

Millions in Guest Spend Tracked Every Month

Eat App's POS Integration works in the background connecting ticket and orders to guests. We enrich your guest data across the entire customer journey - from first visit to repeat guest.

Connect guests with POS tickets in real-time

See spend, items ordered and tickets voided in your reservation system. Get access to your guest's POS data at a glance during service or across reports and automated marketing.

Eat Apps CRM
POS Automatching with Eat App
Includes AutoMatching™️

If you've used POS integration with other systems you know the headache. Your team wastes hours every night moving between systems and manually matching tickets to guests. Eat App solves this by automatically connecting tickets to guests with our revolutionary AutoMatching algorithm.    

Segment spend and order history for all your guests

Take the guest experience to the next level with deep customer insights into spend and order trends.

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Eat App Guest Data

How can you use POS Integration with Eat App? 

Power better guest experiences and increase your customer repeat rate.

Keep track of your best customers preferences

Automatically tag guests when they reach certain spend milestones and find out what your best customers order.

Marketing automation

Set-up marketing campaigns that fire based on your guest data. Targeted and relevant marketing has never been this easy.

Go mobile with POS data on your phone

Use the Manager App and get all your customer data, including spend and order history on your phone. Perfect for busy managers.


The fastest way to supercharge efficiency at your restaurant
Eat App POS Integration
Integrated with....

Connected to all the major POS providers including Micros and Micros Symphony. 

Get POS setup at your restaurant with Eat App

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