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POS integration and revenue tracking

Connect your POS directly with our table management system and see real time guest spend data during service. 

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What is POS Integration?

POS integration connects your table management system to your POS. This allows data from your POS to be matched with your guest database giving you up-to-date spend information for all your guests as they dine with you. Restaurants using a POS connected table management system provide superior hospitality and deep insights to guest spending patterns.


Tie revenue to guests

Your POS data only gives you half the picture. By connecting spend to your customers you get the 36o view of each dining guest's history. 


Affordable POS integration

Connecting your data shouldn't be expensive so we've built a system that's easy to use and reduces costs. 

pos integration
Find your VIPs
Tracking spend helps you service your best customers.
Improved hospitality
From touching tables, specialized service, personalization and loyalty.
Guest spend insight
Make better decisions when you know guest spending patterns. 

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Find out how customer revenue tracking can impact your daily restaurant operations and improve hospitality 

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