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From host stand to marketing and communications we help you deliver the personal touch. 


Case studies & Resources

Keeping your customers happy with GBL and Eat app

Keeping your regulars happy with GBL Group (Case Study)

GBL is one of Bahrain's restaurant success stories. In just five years the company has opened four hugely popular restaurants on the island, and with a fifth opening soon they are not slowing down.

Customer Acquisition Strategies

25 Restaurant event ideas and how to run them

Events are a great way to draw people to your restaurant, whether on a big holiday weekend or a slow weeknight. If a restaurant has promised a memorable experience, diners are bound to come in.

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Improving Restaurant Service

The 8 elements of superior customer service

As a restaurant owner, you can have the best ambiance, excellent menu, ample waitstaff coverage and still lose customers. The outcome depends on the quality of your customer service.

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