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A great guest experience.... from start to finish

Keep track of loyal guests 

Our tools help you personalize the customer relationship and increase the number of repeat guests through the door.

Notifications that prevent no shows 

Customizable SMS and email notifications help you make sure there's no confusion when your guests arrive. 

Mobility is default 

Like OpenTable, run your restaurant on easy to use iPads that make your staff more efficient.  

guest center alternative

Be smarter about table management

From double booking tables to balancing capacity with number of covers, our tools are a better way to manage your restaurant.

See how your restaurant works

Analytics let you make better business decisions and plan your upcoming weeks service. 

server management

Track and manage your staff

Server management keeps you and your staff organized and streamlined.

A complete OpenTable Guest Center Alternative

Online Reservations
Take reservations across the web with easy to install booking widgets. No commission like OpenTable.
Table Management
Be the master of your restaurant floor with fast and powerful table management.
Benefit from diner profiles, preferences and history with a full customer database.

Why they choose us

“Eat costs are economical and it’s very convenient for us because of the monthly payment plan. I can employ someone else with the amount I save with Eat.”
Jimmy Lopez F&B Director at Palazzo Versace
"It's made a huge difference. Everything is digital now and it makes life much easier for staff. We can collect personal details and provide a better customer experience.
Denzil Manager at Bombay Bungalow

Better pricing than OpenTable

Commissions on bookings eat into your margins and can be as much as 20% of the total check. We believe your restaurant shouldn't pay commissions on bookings that come from your website. That's why our pricing doesn't cost more if you get more business. Unlike OpenTable, we are just an easy to understand flat monthly fee.

Protect your margins with zero commissions

Don't get landed with a huge, variable bill at the end of the month. Instead pay one, predictable, flat monthly fee. 

Frequently asked questions

  Do you run on iPads?
Yes! If you are currently use OpenTable guest center, our system is 100% mobile and runs via synced iPads in the cloud. You can have as many staff connected at no extra cost.
  How do I install Restaurant Manager by Eat?
You download the app from the Apple app store and set-up your floor plan in the app.  
  Can I import my existing customer database?
Yes! Your entire guest database can be imported into the app.
  Is there a free trial?
Yes! We have a no obligation 30-day free trial.

One month free trial. $99 a month. 

Get started with the best OpenTable alternative today. Join the thousands of restaurants that use Eat to manage reservations, track loyal guests and save money.

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