An iPad Table Management System to Power Your Restaurant

With table management, online reservations, guest and reservation book and automation, Eat enables staff and mangers to give great customer service from start to finish. 

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Commission Free Online Reservations 

Our simple pricing structure means you don't have to pay a commission for reservations made through your website.

Table Management

Custom Floorplan

Create your own floorplan in a few minutes, and change it whenever you want.

Free Notifacations

Automatically send customized SMS reservation confirmations. Unlike other systems these are free. 

View Tables Per Hour

Match table demand with kitchen capacity with our unique grid view feature. Never overbook your restaurant and add reservations 2X faster.

Diner Profiles

Complete Diner History 

Keep track of the relationship between you and your customers.

Manage Preferences

Know your customers birthdays, anniversaries and allergies. Or anything else you need to know.

Diner Tags

Slice and dice your customers into useful categories with tags.

How We Help You Increase Your Revenue

Our system gives you the tools to increase online reservations and reduce no shows - without sneaking in commissions, per cover fees or SMS charges. You pay 1  flat monthly fee of $99 and have full access to all the features like diner profiles, online bookings, CRM, table and reservation management, and much more.  

Make sense of the data with reports that help you make decisions.
Restaurant full? Add guests to a fully integrated waitlist inside the app.
Support over phone or live chat, for free, whenever you need it. 
Complete reservation management from anywhere with an internet connection.
Table Blocking
Block tables or your whole room from online reservations as needed. 
User friendly widgets that make it easy for your customers to book.

Why They Choose Us

It's made a huge difference. Nowadays guests want to be acknowledged when they come in and everything is on the system. We don't need to ask them anything.
Denzil Reddy Bombay Bungalow
Eat costs are economical and it’s very convenient for us because of the monthly payment plan. I can employ someone else with the amount I save with Eat.
Jimmy Lopez Palazzo Versace

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1-month free trial