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The Benefits of an Eat App x Syrve POS Integration

February 5, 2024 1 min
VP of Product at Eat App
Reviewed by
Co-founder and CEO of Eat App

Read about the many advantages that your F&B operations can get from a Syrve POS integration with Eat App. 


A very powerful POS Integration Partnership : Eat x Syrve

Integrating your point of sale (POS) system with Eat App and Syrve brings a host of benefits to your business.

By combining these platforms, you can:

  • Communicate F&B order information across the hosting, waiting and kitchen team.
  • See a history of spend of guests and reservations.
  • Watch live spending in real time as well as the stage of the meal your guests are at.
  • Segment guests and send them marketing email and SMS messages based on the spend behaviour.
  • Print Syrve POS orders straight from eat app 
  • See payments made online and match it against any spend at the table

Using this integration, track guest spend straight to your database and gain knowledge on how your customers behave to better market towards them using Email and SMS. 

By having access to guest spend and orders on your POS, you can easily analyse which items are popular among your customers and identify any custom orders they may have. This information is crucial for enhancing personalization and tailoring your offerings to meet their specific needs and preferences.

To finalize, Eat and Syrve supercharges your marketing operations, hostess operations and enhances your overall guest experience by providing your team with valuable historical spend and live spend data.

Syrve is trusted by over 7500+ F&B operators and Eat App similarly operates in 75+ countries as well as having 4000+ restaurants and F&B operators working with them. Proven to scale and work, Syrve and Eat App is a match to be contended with.



VP of Product at Eat App

Joseph Boston is a seasoned product leader and advisor, specializing in B2B restaurant management solutions. Currently serving as a Product Director at Eat App, Joseph focuses on optimizing guest management experiences through strategic improvements and cross-functional collaboration. Joseph is dedicated to empowering restaurant businesses worldwide to thrive and succeed in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Reviewed by

Nezar Kadhem

Nezar Kadhem

Co-founder and CEO of Eat App

He is a regular speaker and panelist at industry events, contributing on topics such as digital transformation in the hospitality industry, revenue channel optimization and dine-in experience.

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