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Eat App & Tap Partner for Effortless Online Payments & Deposits

January 30, 2024 2 min
VP of Product at Eat App
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Co-founder and CEO of Eat App

Eat App and Tap partner to bring you a best-in-class solution for taking payments online and capturing deposits before guests arrive.

Available across the MENA region, this new partnership offers your guests the opportunity to select the most suitable payment method for them along with an extremely friendly user experience. 

Eat App x Tap 2

Receive guest deposits with ease 

Eat App, your go-to reservation system is making online payment a breeze with its brand-new Tap integration.

With the integration, Eat App now supports: 

  • KNET; Kuwait's largest payment provider.
  • tabby; Split the payment over multiple periods.
  • AMEX; Let your guests pay with American Express.
  • Apple Pay; Although Eat App supports Apple Pay with other payment providers, with Tap payments, you get that as a choice in addition to all the other payment options it supports.
  • Direct card payments in new countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and others).

Now, let's take a look at the features and benefits provided by the integration. 

Introducing the core features:

The Eat App x Tap Payments partnership brings the following benefits: 

  • Easily split the bill for guests online

With our new integration, your bookings team can now easily split payments for guests online.

This means guests can conveniently share the payment link with their friends, making it hassle-free to split the bill among themselves.

Whether it's a group dinner or a gathering with friends, everyone can contribute their share effortlessly, making the booking process smoother for everyone involved.

  • Allow the guest to split the payment

So, once again, whether it's a group outing, a family dinner, or a friendly get-together, splitting the payment has never been simpler.

Guests can enjoy their dining experience without worrying about the bill, as they can split it effortlessly using the Tap Payments x Tabby service.

With this payment integration, it means that you don't have to handle the awkward calculations for the guest, they can just split the payments with their friends.

  • Select multiple payment methods at checkout 

Whether they prefer to pay with different credit cards, split the payment between cash and card, or use a combination of payment methods, they have the freedom to do so.

  • Experience a seamless payment gateway

Experience a payment gateway that's not only seamless but also incredibly easy to navigate.

With our user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly navigate through the payment process without any hassle.

From selecting your preferred payment method to completing the transaction, every step is designed to be intuitive and straightforward

  • Automatically generate and send payment links for bookings

Gone are the days of manually creating payment links; now, with the integration our system does it for you. Upon confirming a reservation, Eat App swiftly generates a personalized payment link tailored to the reservation details.

This link is then automatically sent to your guests, streamlining the payment process and saving you valuable time.

With this convenient automation, you can ensure that payments are handled efficiently and securely, enhancing the overall guest experience and simplifying your operations.

  • Create payment links for events, tickets, packages, and seating options at your venue 

Effortlessly create payment links for various elements such as events, tickets, packages, and seating options.

Whether you're hosting a special event, selling tickets for a performance, offering exclusive packages, or providing different seating choices, our system has you covered.

This opens up Eat App's payment support to more markets, locally. 

You can read more about how Tap company is changing the game here.


Boost bookings, simplify guest payments, and unlock new markets.

The Eat App x Tap Payments partnership delivers the power and flexibility you need.

Enjoy seamless checkout, multi-payment options, and automated payment links. Take your online payments to the next level with Eat App and Tap.



VP of Product at Eat App

Joseph Boston is a seasoned product leader and advisor, specializing in B2B restaurant management solutions. Currently serving as a Product Director at Eat App, Joseph focuses on optimizing guest management experiences through strategic improvements and cross-functional collaboration. Joseph is dedicated to empowering restaurant businesses worldwide to thrive and succeed in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Reviewed by

Nezar Kadhem

Nezar Kadhem

Co-founder and CEO of Eat App

He is a regular speaker and panelist at industry events, contributing on topics such as digital transformation in the hospitality industry, revenue channel optimization and dine-in experience.

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