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What Are Social Media "Reserve" Buttons?

Social media "reserve" buttons are call-to-action buttons on Facebook, Instagram, and Google that turn your social pages into booking channels by allowing customers to directly book a table at your restaurant through these platforms.

The "reserve" buttons allow restaurants to capitalize on their social media following, reach more people, and convert them into customers.


Everything You Need To Know

This eBook contains all the information you need to know about social media "reserve" buttons and how you can use them for your restaurant.

How To Activate Social Media "Reserve" Buttons

You will also find a step-by-step explanation of how to activate social media "reserve" buttons for your restaurant for free.

Learn From Real-Life Success Cases

The proof is in the pudding! Find out how activating social media "reserve" buttons helped restaurants around the world grow covers and increase revenue. 



Increase Restaurant Revenue And Reach More Customers

Learn how you can reach more customers and earn more revenue with the help of Facebook, Instagram, and Google's new social media "reserve" button with this free eBook.

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