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Announcing Eat App Chit Printer to support your restaurant operations

Joey Yap
Joey Yap

Jan 5, 2023 4:54:12 PM

We're excited to announce Eat App's latest feature - Chit Printer!

Nowadays, restaurants are relying more on technology like tablets and chit printers for table management and guest experience. This technology is crucial to minimise errors during opening hours, as well as ensure quicker service, shorter waiting times, and more table turns.

Chit printers are an effective way to reduce the need for staff to decipher someone's handwriting - which means your staff can sit your guests faster and get the information they need about preferences to deliver better guest experiences.

However, chit printers are only effective if they connect seamlessly to your table management system.

With that being said, Eat App is happy to announce our very own chit printer that is fully compatible with our software. With our chit printer, you can now connect to Eat App seamlessly, allowing you to print guest information and pass it to other floor staff faster than ever. This is a great addition to your restaurant operations toolbox.


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What's unique about Eat App's Chit Printer?

Eat app Chit printer allows your staff to:

  • Identify guest preferences and tags faster
  • Share guest preferences and comments discreetly among team members
  • Reduce time spent walking back and fourth in communication
  • Compatible on iOS and Android
  • Plug and play set upchitprintereatapp

Easy set up

Eat App's chit printer is designed to be plug and play to get your restaurant up and running. It has been developed to solve existing chit printers issues such as connectivity and compatibility with table management systems.

Whenever your guests have preferences or comments, this information can be quickly printed through the chit printer and handed to other front of house staff or the kitchen.

Part of delivering a great guest experience is ensuring that guest preferences are met by all of your floor staff, as well as making the communication as hassle-free as possible.

Eat App printer helps you to achieve this with superior connectivity and speed.

Pricingchit printer promo

Eat App's Chit Printer is priced at a one time fee of $179.  

For new customers we have promotional pricing where you can get a FREE Eat App Chit printer by signing up for our annual Pro subscription. 

With an annual pro subscription, you will get the full experience using Eat App to manage your restaurant's operations in one system from reservations and guest CRM to targeted email marketing and analytics.

Want to learn more about this special offer?

Let us know by filling out the form below and we'll get in touch to arrange a demo of Eat App as well as more details about this promotion.

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