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The latest update to our table management system focuses on some of the core features essential to restaurant operation. 

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Server management

A new server management section to manage waiters and servers, allows you to easily assign tables to different members of your staff and see an overview of your restaurant according to each employee.

Eat app floor view

Table timers

New table timers have also been added, showing you how long a guest has been seated and how long is left until their reservation ends.

Eat app table timers

Reservation created by

A new “Reservation By” field in the ‘add booking’ screen, helps you better select and subsequently show who took each reservation.

eat app server management

Customer tags

The new update allows restaurant operators to choose from a number of different tags to help better serve their customers. The new tags include VIP, Birthday, Graduation, Blogger, and many more.

Eat app customer tagsWe’ve also made a few improvements and bug fixes to the app.

  • All status icons are revamped and updated
  • UX improvements to allow the app to refresh faster
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