Free Menu Engineering Sheet for Excel

The best way to increase restaurant profits

Join the thousands of restaurants that use this menu engineering worksheet to find the most profitable menu items. 

  • Boost profits by as much as 20%
  • Find the worst menu items and take action
  • Menu design best practices for menu engineering

Menu engineering is the gold standard of restaurant menu analysis. Use this menu engineering excel sheet and accompanying guide to set up well engineered menu at your restaurant. 

Menu Engineering Sheet

What's included in the menu engineering guide?

  • 4 free menu engineering excel sheets to set-up an entire system.
  • 20 page PDF guide that explains the menu engineering process.
  • Pro tips for designing your menu when you've found profitable items.
  • How to write menu descriptions that add an extra 2% to your profits.
  • Better formulas for contribution margin and food cost percentages. 
  • The menu engineering matrix that identifies profitable menu items.

What is menu engineering?

The objective of menu engineering is to increase profit per guest at a restaurant. This is achieved through a careful analysis of the profitability and popularity of individual menu items, followed by the placement of items on the menu to encourage guests to choose particular dishes.

Menu engineering is the combination of data analysis of your food cost and sales numbers, combined with graphic design and psychological techniques that encourage certain behavior from restaurant guests.

For restaurants there are undeniable advantages to menu engineering over other methods for boosting profits. It also gives restaurants a way of refreshing their menu without the fear of loosing profit. 

Our menu engineering guide gives any restaurant owner the power to engineer their menu like professional restaurant engineers.

Free menu engineering excel sheet


The only resource you need to execute a menu engineering system at your restaurant.

Who needs the menu engineering guide?

This guide is for restaurant owners with no experience in menu engineering but looking to learn as quickly as possible. It's also perfect for people who have a basic understanding of menu engineering or aren't seeing results with their efforts to boost profitability. 

Free Menu Engineering Guide

Download the free guide and menu engineering excel sheets to improve restaurant profits by up to 20%

Menu Engineering