How to manage your restaurant floor plan

From concept to daily service - how to use your floor plan to improve the guest experience and generate the most revenue possible. 

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Floor Plan Management for Restaurants

Maximize revenue from your floor


Best practices

Discover the best practices when laying out your new floor plan


The maximum capacity formula

The easy calculation you can preform to decide on the max capacity of your restaurant


Mistakes to avoid

What you need to avoid when you set up your floor plan to ensure success. 

Floor Plan Management for Restaurants

Manage your floor during service


How to set up a digital floor plan

How to set-up a digital floor plan that works for your goals.


Turn tables faster

How to use your floor plan to turn tables faster and fill seats you thought you couldn't


Real time floor management

See the benefits of a real time view of floor for hospitality and efficiency.  

What is included

  • 20+ page free ebook packed full of floor plan management tips and tricks
  • Illustrated guide shows you exactly how to set-up your floor plan
  • Question to ask yourself when setting up your floor plan
  • How to get the most from a digital floor plan
  • How to track guest spending in your floor plan
  • Best practices for floor plan management

Restaurant Floor Plan Management the Right Way

Grab this detailed resource on using your floor plan to increase revenue at your restaurant.  

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