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New Features: Analytics, Reporting, and Custom SMS

Saif Alnasur
Saif Alnasur

Jan 30, 2018 5:25:04 PM

Our latest features announcement focuses on table management features and an improved analytics offering. After spending time listening to the needs of our latest restaurant partners we've rolled out these features to everybody using our system. 

New Features


An entirely new analytics section has been added, giving you daily performance and cover reports. Everything from hourly covers to a visualization of materialized, canceled, and no show covers is included in this new update.


SMS Templates

Custom SMS templates means you can now write anything you want in the SMS notifcations you send to customers.
Sms Templates.jpg

Report Printing

Print daily reports wirelessly within the app. 
Report Printing.jpg
Clear then entire floor
A quick time saver. Instead of having to clear tables one by one at the end of each shift you can know clear the entire floor with 1 tap.
Clear the entire floor.jpg

We've also made a few other improvements and bug fixes to the app.
  • Drag & drop tables to move reservations or merge tables
  • You can search your reservation list by name and phone number. Look out for the search icon in 'Floor view'
  • A new accounts section has been added, with tutorials on how to add online reservations to your TripAdvisor listing, Google listing, Facebook and Website page
  • The app is now optimized for iPad Pro

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