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23 Winning Restaurant Website Designs (2024 Examples)

September 19, 2023 11 min
Director of Marketing at Eat App
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Co-founder and CEO of Eat App

Why is it so important to have a great restaurant website design?

According to a survey, 77% of consumers check a restaurant's website before visiting it for a dine-in experience or taking out food.

A well-designed website can make a delightful first impression and work as a magnet that attracts visitors.

We compiled a list of 23 fantastic restaurant web designs to inspire you to create your irresistible site. 

Read on to find out how successful websites convey the restaurant's soul and give a unique customer experience.

Key Takeaways

What can we learn from the examples presented below? Here's a list of crucial findings. Keep them in mind when carrying out your own restaurant website design.

  1. Minimal websites and those superabundant with colors and images can work equally well if a good idea stands behind the design.
  2. When you design a website, have your target audience in mind. Whether they are kids or wealthy business people, make sure the site promises them to find something for themselves in your restaurant.
  3. Images shouldn't be limited to food photos. Inviting pictures of the restaurant's interior or surroundings can be an extra asset that attracts more guests.
  4. Best restaurant websites have buttons for booking a table online or joining a restaurant waitlist prominent on the main page.

Now, let's take a look at some amazing restaurant website designs.

23 great restaurant website design examples 

If you are wondering how to make a restaurant website, these examples should help you clarify your idea.

1. Prashad, England

download (19)

Prashad is an award-winning (Michelin Bib Gourmand and two AA rosettes) North West Indian food restaurant near Bradford in England.

It's famed for its warm welcome and family foundations. Along with fantastic food, it has its own best-selling cookbook and offers cookery lessons.

This website's super simple navigation makes it easy to find, book, or buy all those things with just a few clicks. Yet the design still puts the food and the story of the restaurant at its core.


The site implements it through great written content and some fantastic photography. On the homepage, you can see some of mouth-watering images and a prominent 'book now' button.

2. Brasserie Blanc, UK

image18 (1)

Brasserie Blanc is a small UK restaurant chain first opened by French chef Raymond Blanc OBE.

This website services multiple locations and does so well by featuring prompts at the top of its navigation.

Brasserie Blanc is a small UK restaurant chain first opened by French chef Raymond Blanc OBE.

This website services multiple locations and does so well by featuring prompts at the top of its navigation.

It covers the key queries:

  • Book a table
  • Select location
  • Sign up
  • Follow us

There are also quick links to menus and pages for services such as Private Dining, Vouchers, and Events.

The ethos of Blanc's cooking features both in illustration/photograph and written content.

As you'd expect from a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, the site includes information about suppliers and food seasonality.

3. Simon Rogan Restaurants, UK

Winning restaurant website design — Simon Rogan Restaurants, UK

British Chef Simon Rogan has several restaurants under his brand's umbrella. His website is a portal to each restaurant, representing his overall brand.

Click on the logo for the venue you want to explore or book, and you auto-scroll down to content specific to that restaurant.

Information is concise and mobile-friendly. Buttons to book a table, room, experience, or buy vouchers are clear and prominent.

Navigation footers and headers link clearly to additional features and information, such as the contact page and shop. 

4. The Black Swan Oldstead, England

Winning restaurant website design — The Black Swan Oldstead

This Michelin-starred pub with rooms in North Yorkshire, England, resembles a glossy food magazine, but it's fast-loading and straightforward to navigate.

Click on the food page, and this restaurant has its menu information right underneath the Book Now button.

It would be even better if the site didn't rely on clicking a PDF for menu inclusion. 

5. Temper, England

Winning restaurant design — Temper, England

Temper's home page showcases this mini-chain's eating vibe and food. Location, reservations, events and contact details are easy to reach from the main navigation.

To get to the food menu, you must select a specific location, but when you do, the sample menu is on the page.

6. Panini Bay, New Jersey, US

Winning restaurant design — Panini Bay, New Jersey, US

This Italian restaurant in New Jersey serves modern Italian food with a coastal twist.

The site is light and clean; it feels relaxed and uncluttered. On mobile, it looks equally good.

Scroll down the page and find links to the menu, the chef's story and reservations.

The contact details and a link to directions for the restaurant are also visible within the navigation menu. That's a nice, slick touch that will help anyone in a rush to find those details.

You can't help but anticipate that the customer service in the restaurant itself matches this efficient website experience. 

7. The Ivy, London, England

Wining restaurant design — The Ivy, London, England

The Ivy is a London institution, but their website is sleek and modern.

The site uses gorgeous scrolling imagery of areas in the restaurant and food and drinks.

The Ivy, London, England website

This slideshow presents would-be diners with options and calls to action, such as booking a private dining room or buying gift cards.

So, if you're looking for something and are slow to locate it in the main navigation, chances are it'll flash up on the screen in seconds anyway.

The opening hours are also easy to find on the homepage below these calls to action.

You don't need to stray far to find the most commonly sought-after information on this site. 

8. Via Real, Texas, US

Winning restaurant design — Via Real, Texas, US

This website from an Irving, Texas, Santa Fe-style restaurant is pretty unassuming. It's got a good, clear navigation bar. And can you see that nice central 'Book a table' button under the word 'Welcome'?

All the information you'd expect to find is just a click or two away.

Via Real, Texas, US website

Explore beyond the top navigation to see some beautiful pictures of the interior and food arranged in tiles, read about the owner, or the possibility to buy a gift card or join the newsletter.

At the bottom of the page, you can see a collection of menus to choose something for your next lunch, dinner, dessert, or drink.

9. Yang's Kitchen, California, US

Winning restaurant design — Yang's Kitchen, California, US

Young's Kitchen serves Asian American cuisine. The restaurant, located in Alhambra, California, relies on seasonal produce from local farmers. It also offers a variety of gourmet drinks like hot coffee, tea, wine, beer, sake, mimosas, and cocktails.

The site could inspire lovers of minimal design. With plenty of white space, it features only a few images. 

At first glance on the page, you get all the information you might need: The location, the opening hours, contact details. The clean design allows you to find additional facts about the restaurant. 

You can learn that:

  • They are a Zero Foodprint member
  • They have an online ordering system
  • You can join a brunch or lunch waitlist
  • You can purchase a gift card

When you navigate towards the top right-hand corner and click on the "View Our Menu" option, you can feel like you are in the restaurant, holding a physical menu.


Yang's Kitchen, California, US website

Again, the layout is very clear, with all the dishes and beverages listed in columns, just like printed restaurant menus usually present them.

10. The Clove Club, London, England

Winning restaurant website design — The Clove Club, London, England

Minimal, simple design, doesn't have to be white all around.

The Clove Club's website shows an original approach to minimalism.

When you visit their website, you see a plain blue screen. In the middle, there's the restaurant's name – The Clove Club, on the right ‘Reservations'  button, and on the left – an enigmatic plus sign.

After a second, you see an animation of a plant slowly emerging behind the restaurant's name.

Presented in an old movie style, the animation is fascinating and pleasant to watch. It gives you a glimpse of what you can expect when you visit the venue – an elegant interior with a touch of vintage style and fine, delicious food.

After you click on the plus icon in the upper right corner, you get to learn more about this London-based restaurant –  its owner, menus, contact details, the possibility to purchase gift vouchers, or work openings. The whole idea is fresh and inspiring.

11. Bon Bouquet Café, Paris, France

Winning restaurant website design — Bon Bouquet Café, Paris, France

But some people are already sick and tired of minimal style. If that's you, we have something from the other side of the continuum.

Bon Bouquet's cafe is vibrant with colors, with a neon sign in the hero image welcoming the page visitors.

When you scroll down the page, plenty of mouth-watering images of delicious food dance in front of your eyes, making you want to visit the spot immediately.

The pictures reflect the creativity of the chefs who offer Bali-style brunch in the middle of Paris.

Navigating down the page, you get a detailed menu of all the brunches, desserts, and drinks you can order at the venue. 

Go further down, and you get the opening hours, the address and the trams that can take you to the place. Below that, you can see how the place looks in Google Street View. 

You get all the information you need to discover Bon Bouquet Cafe for yourself.

12. Disco Cheetah, Vancouver, Canada

Winning restaurant website design — Disco Cheetah, Vancouver, Canada

Though simple and with a clearly defined color palette, Disco Cheetah’s page offers one of the most outstanding restaurant website designs.

Fonts, colors, images, and other design elements remind you of the '80s style and show that this is a place with character.

Intuitive navigation and tiled layout enable finding the key information quickly, inviting potential customers to visit this Vancouver-based fast food with Korean dishes.

Fun fact: The business started by selling burritos and tacos from a trailer. Disco Cheetah still has a food truck that serves meals at different locations in the city and is available for booking.

13. Canlis, Seattle, Washington

Winning restaurant website design — Canlis, Seattle, Washington

Delicious food is undoubtedly what attracts customers to a restaurant. But if you have an added extra, you should definitely show off. 

The owners of the Canlis Restaurant in Seattle, Washington, know about that. Therefore, their landing page features a full-screen video of the restaurant building on the side of Queen Anne Hill. 

The view is stunning. It makes you want to spend hours in this mid-century-modern home enjoying tasty dishes, the scenery of Lake Union, and the Cascade Mountain Range. 

The breathtaking views, impeccable service, and unique dining experience make Canlis a perfect restaurant. No wonder it is considered one of the best restaurants in Seattle.

14. Jack Bar, London, England

Winning restaurant website design — Jack Bar, London, England

Can you create a fantastic restaurant website with a popular website builder? You surely can, and Jack Bar's webpage proves that.

This one-page website created on WordPress offers distraction-free access to all the basic information. Apart from locations, opening time, and contact info, you'll also find the bar's story and a button for booking an area in the bar, which undoubtedly helps the owners maximize the revenue from the floor plan.

Besides inviting images of the restaurant's interior, the site also features beautiful food photos. All of that makes a compelling invitation to this London-based bar.

15. Desert Chill, Dubai, UAE

Winning restaurant website design — Desert Chill, Dubai, UAE

Desert Chill has the best restaurant website to attract kids. Its bright colors and typography create a fairytale-like atmosphere and make you assume that the Desert Chill soft truck is where Barbie would buy her ice cream. In other words, it's a great example of a well-targeted website design.

16. La Pierre Qui Tourne, Coloisy, France

Winning restaurant website design — La Pierre Qui Tourne, Coloisy, France

We went through videos, animations, attractive photos, neon lights... What else could you use to advertise your restaurant online

How about hand-drawn images? La Pierre Qui Tourne is a restaurant that effectively uses them in its website design. 

When you browse through the site, those fabulous images attract the eye and reflect the unique character of the place. It's created by a French couple who bakes biscuits from natural ingredients. 

Each biscuit is named after a different animal, and seeing how they are interestingly depicted encourages you to know them better...

17. Cluny, Toronto

Winning restaurant website design — Cluny, Toronto

This Toronto-based bistro has a website that makes a great first impression by showing off its elegant and intriguing interior in a full-screen video. Plus, the original logo and hand-drawn images make this website a real piece of art. 

Two simple buttons are prominent in the right-hand corner – 'Takeout' and 'Reserve.' The first directs you to the takeout menu, and the other allows you to book a table online.

18. Red Bamboo, New York, US

Winning restaurant website design — Red Bamboo, New York, US

With a white background and great photos of appetizing treats, the design of Red Bamboo's website is clean and atmospheric. In the centre of the header, a simple yet effective logo draws your attention.

The most important information – the restaurant's address – is the first item in the menu bar at the top of the page. Click on it for more detailed information and links to a subway map and Google Maps.

Scroll down the page to learn more about the restaurant, like its' opening times, the phone number, or the possibility of ordering food through a third-party site. You cannot miss their prominent CTA buttons, like 'Order Now' or 'Order Pickup.’

Below, you can read positive reviews from reputable parties like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Happy Cow. The site also features video testimonials and Red Bamoo's Instagram feed.

19. Añejo Mexican Bistro, Hyannis and Falmouth, US

Winning restaurant website design — Añejo Mexican Bistro, Hyannis and Falmouth, US

Restaurant websites usually showcase interiors with empty tables, but Anjelo doesn't shy away from showing their restaurant when it's full of people. It proves it's a place with a climate. And you can read from the photo that people like hanging out there.

What immediately draws your attention in the header photo is a huge, beautiful, rank tree with bent branches. It's a weeping beechtree, that is almost 250 years old – it was planted in 1776. A unique feature that became a hallmark of the Hyannis restaurant.

When you browse through the page, you learn that the interiors of this Mexican restaurant have an exceptional, rich, but tasteful design. The photos are excellent. Angelo knows how to make their website inviting.

20. Ask for Luigi, Saint Alexander, US

Winning restaurant website design — Ask for Luigi, Saint Alexander, US

Ask for Luigi is an Italian restaurant offering family-style service. The dishes there arrive in the middle of the table, ready to be shared among the diners.

You can read from the photos and hand-painted image on the main page header that this place has a homey atmosphere and a dose of vintage vibe. Even the numerous CTA buttons have a retro frame.

Ask for Luigi, Saint Alexander, US website

The site has an aesthetic color palette with dominant brown and white shades.

And you cannot miss a great Michelin review below the header image. It builds trust that you can enjoy a positive taste experience at this place.

21. Fable Ice Cream, Saskatoon, Slovakia

Winning restaurant website design  Fable Ice Cream, Saskatoon, Slovakia

Here's another restaurant website design with images taken from a fairy tale, this time in black and white. Beautiful animals from a magical forest stress the ice cream shop's connection to nature: They use only natural ingredients from local farmers and producers.

You can check all the currently available flavors on the webpage. The simple design uses a dose of color in the final section, where you can find a photo gallery from Fable Ice Cream shop.

22. Yang's Place, Ringwood East, Australia

Winning restaurant website design — Yang's Place, Ringwood East, Australia

Young's Place again proves that simplicity in restaurant website designs has a strong appeal. 

The blue drawings at the top of the page remind you of patterns on Chinese porcelain – a clever move for a restaurant serving traditional Chinese cuisine. 

Blue is the color that appears on different images on the page, giving them a nice frame.

Yang's Place, Ringwood East, Australia website

Below the header image is a tiled layout of some great food photos mixed with links to subpages like ‘Order Onlne,’ ‘Menu,’ or ‘About Yang's.’ The clean design helps to focus on the most essential information on the website. 

23. The Lost Kitchen, Freedom, US

Winning restaurant website design — The Lost Kitchen, Freedom, US

If you are interested in hotel restaurant management, the simple but charming design of the Lost Kitchen’s website might be something for you. 

The place's name and beautiful photos capture the character of this place – a quiet spot where you can relax, forget about all your problems and recharge your batteries. 

Although the owner, Erin French, has become a renowned personality, and the website communicates that she also sells her sought-after books and runs a small goods shop, the webpage is still beaming with peace.


When you make your restaurant visible online and create a website with a superb design, you can attract visitors whether your restaurant is located in the center of San Francisco or lost somewhere in the mountains. Just like Erin French's place, it can become a destination in itself.

After you launch your website and welcome restaurant visitors at your door, remember that you can use the Eat App to manage the table inventory, increase reservations, and improve restaurant efficiency by automating your operations.

The platform can help you grow online and foot traffic. You can use it to collect customer reviews and enhance your marketing efforts. Sounds interesting? Sign up and start for free today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Restaurant Website Designs

How do I create a restaurant website?

The simplest way to create a restaurant website is to choose a website builder with customizable templates and drag-and-drop design tools. 
Some popular examples include Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress. Select a template, add your content, and customize the design. Remember to optimize the website for mobile and consider adding an online ordering system before you launch it.

How can I design a restaurant?

Designing a restaurant is complex and demanding, so we recommend hiring a professional architect and interior designer with industry experience. It is often well worth the investment. If you want to design a restaurant yourself, consider using a restaurant floor plan creator like SmartDraw, Foyr Neo, or Room Sketcher. The tools can help you visualize and experiment with different floor plan layouts.

What type of website is a restaurant website?

A restaurant website showcases the restaurant's brand, location, menu, and other important information. It aims to attract customers and increase the restaurant revenue.

What do you write in a restaurant website?

When writing content for a restaurant website, include the following:

  • Essential information like the restaurant's address, phone number, and opening hours
  • The restaurant menu
  • Flagship dishes, including details on what makes them unique
  • An About Us section with the restaurant's history
  • Social media icons with direct links to the restaurant's accounts
  • Relevant keywords to improve search engine optimization


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