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Eat App partners with Google to Bring 'Reserve with Google' to UAE's Restaurants

We're pleased to announce that Eat App has launched an official partnership with Google to bring ...
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10 Easy Ways to Control Restaurant Food Cost

If you don’t bring them under control, food costs can cripple your restaurant.
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Powerful Restaurant Management System

See how our guest management platform can improve hospitality at your restaurant.

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How to Write a Restaurant Mission Statement (Tips and Examples)

Your restaurant’s mission statement is a pillar of your identity. It tells the world who you are ...
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The Secrets to Getting More Restaurant Exposure with TripAdvisor Reviews

Tripadvisor reviews are essential for any restaurant business, but it can be hard work to encourage ...
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How to Calculate Recipe Food Costs for Restaurants

It’s Business 101: the lower your restaurant costs, the higher your profit at the end of the day. ...
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Menu Engineering: How to Increase Profits by 20% (Step-by-Step Guide)

Menu engineering is fast becoming standard practice for sophisticated restaurateurs looking to ...
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The 9 Best Online Restaurant Reservation Systems Compared

Today’s guests have a few expectations when booking a table.
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How to Write a Restaurant Marketing Plan from Scratch

You love food and you love people. And you want your restaurant business to grow. You know you need ...
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5 Restaurant Loyalty Programs and Apps that Keep 'em Coming Back

As a restaurant owner, you know that mouth-watering entrées are just one aspect of running a ...
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9 Creative Examples of Restaurant Advertising to Learn From

The right advertising mix for your restaurant will be defined by your business goals. Whether ...
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