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What is Eatertainment? And How Does it Benefit Your Venue

March 7, 2024 6 min
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The term "eatertainment" combines "eating" and "entertainment" to describe a dining experience that goes beyond simply enjoying food.

It suggests a shift in focus, where the quality of the food, while still important, becomes complemented by the ambiance, setting, and overall entertainment factor.

In short, guests are both fed while enjoying entertainment all night.

The reasons behind “eatertainment”

Did you know 78% of millennials would rather spend money on eatertainment experiences than they would on material things?

Eatertainment venues often prioritize creating a unique and immersive atmosphere to improve the dining experience for their guests.

To keep guests interested and make the dinner more memorable, these venues can offer interactive features, live music, themed décor, or unique performances.

The intention is to provide a dining experience that is different from regular restaurants by providing not only good food but also a fun and lively setting. There are many different places where you can get entertainment, from casual dining to fancy, themed restaurants.

If you manage an event venue, concentrating on the concept of eatertainment can help you make greater use of your area.

In contrast to the typical restaurant industry, eatertainment concepts are excellent methods to draw in more visitors, differentiate your location, and improve the visitor experience.

The reasons behind “eatertainment”

The benefits of operating an eatertainment venue

Operating an entertainment venue has multiple benefits. Increasing the use of your dining room and providing a variety of entertainment alternatives can be a great way to give your event space a unique touch.

Here are some of the key advantages that entertainment venues provide:

Exceptional experience

Guests get a special and unforgettable experience at eatertainment spots.

The venue differs from conventional restaurants thanks to its unique environment created by the combination of food and entertainment.

An interesting concept draws people in, sets your location apart, and increases its appeal as a place to organize events.

Did you know? According to a report by Grand View Research the global eatertainment market size was valued at USD 73.08 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.7% from 2022 to 2030.

This growth suggests that consumers are increasingly seeking out unique and engaging dining experiences.

Guests get a special and unforgettable experience at eatertainment spots.

Draw in a wide range of guests

Families, social groups, and individuals seeking a dynamic and captivating dining experience are among the many guests drawn to eatertainment locations due to its entertainment offerings.

You can attract more high-paying customers by making intelligent use of your eatertainment space and capitalizing on the diversity of the guest experience economy.

Potential for higher revenues

Eatertainment venues can boost their income by selling tickets for events, themed evenings, or special performances, in addition to serving food.

This diversification can significantly increase the profitability of your venue.

Longer guest stay duration

Customers are encouraged to stay longer by the entertainment element, which increases dwell time.

Extended visits can result in increased expenses for the venue's food, drinks, and other amenities.

Hype on social media channels

Customers frequently share their experiences on social media channels because eatertainment locations are distinctive and physically appealing.

Any social media stream focused on food can be abruptly interrupted and given more attention by adding component to your menu.

This can lead to free advertising and more people seeing your venue.

Brand distinction

An eatertainment concept helps set your location stand apart from competitors in a crowded market. This uniqueness has the potential to draw in a devoted clientele looking for a more engaging and lively dining experience.

Recurring business

Providing both food and entertainment to your guests makes for a more memorable and happy experience.

Customers are more likely to come back in the future when you help them make lasting memorable experiences.

Any hospitality industry establishment's long-term profitability depends on repeat business.

Adaptability in event and theme

Venues that capitalize on the popularity of eatertainment might hold a variety of themed events, parties, or special nights.

This makes it possible to be creative and flexible when meeting the needs of various clientele and consumers.

Appealing to different age groups

Because of the entertainment options, eatertainment venues can accommodate consumers from a wide range of age groups, including young adults, seniors seeking a lively social environment, and families with small children.

There is an appropriate eatertainment concept for your target audience, regardless of whether your location hosts family gatherings, business meetings, weddings, or other types of events.

Involvement of the community

The venue can become the center of community interaction by holding cultural events and entertainment programs. Customers' sense of belonging and loyalty can be enhanced by this.

11 Examples of eatertainment ideas for restaurant events

Any type of food and beverage establishment can differentiate themselves by incorporating an extra element of fun.

A wonderful method to draw a bigger audience to your location is to provide sharing experiences and enjoyable activities that revolve around delicious cuisine.

Here are some of the best food and entertainment concepts that any restaurant or event venue might try to present to help you embrace the idea of eatertainment.

Cooking classes and tastings

Think about holding interactive seminars on cooking or mixology where attendees can pick the brains of experienced bartenders or chefs.

With the help of these seminars, participants can get hands-on experience and actively participate in the cooking process.

Moreover, tastings can be incorporated to enhance and produce an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

Cooking classes and tastings

Wine and food pairing events

Organize occasions that highlight the skill of matching various dishes with corresponding wines.

Participants can be guided through the tasting process by a sommelier or other wine specialist, who can also provide insights into the subtleties of certain flavor pairings.

This is a terrific concept for more upscale locations because it gives attendees a more refined and elevated experience.

Wine and food pairing events

Dinner parties with a theme

With themed dinner parties that feature appropriate décor, entertainment, and menu choices, you can create unforgettable events.

These themed events, which might be based on popular TV shows or historical periods, offer a distinctive and immersive ambiance that enhances the eating experience.

Additionally, you can always switch up the theme and event to keep things interesting for your visitors, which makes this a fun notion. 

Dinner parties with a theme

Pop-up eateries

Work together with chefs to plan pop-up eateries in unexpected places. This is consistently one of the most unique event concepts for eateries and bars.

Pop-ups' transient and exclusive character adds a level of excitement and exclusivity, drawing guests looking for unique and daring dining experiences.

Food-related events and festivals

Organize food festivals that feature various foods from a range of regional eateries, food trucks, and vendors.

Incorporate live performances, musical selections, and events to elevate the entire festival vibe. As a result, guests are treated to a lively and entertaining atmosphere.

Interactive dining areas

Provide interactive food stations so guests can personalize what they eat. This is a reasonably simple method of adding more ambiance to your meal service.

Build-your-own pizza, taco, or dessert stations are just a few examples of how this idea adds a personalized touch and encourages visitor participation by letting them customize their meal.

Mysterious meals

Plan mystery dinner events that involve solving a made-up crime while having supper to add an element of suspense.

For a more engaging and engaging dining experience, actors can be recruited to portray characters and engage with the visitors.

Fine-dining picnics and al fresco meals

Is seating outside available at your location? Adding something unique and memorable to your current operations is as simple as it gets with this suggestion.

Plan delicious cuisine and exquisite settings for elegant picnics or outside eating occasions. The outdoor experience can be improved by adding games, live music, or other activities.

As a result, everyone can enjoy themselves and the meal in a laid-back atmosphere.

Collaborations between food and art

Collaborate with nearby artists to create a culinary and artistic combination.

This partnership can take many different forms, such as interactive art installations, art exhibitions inspired by food, or edible art.

Attendees get a multisensory experience when culinary and artistic aspects are combined.

Selling the artwork you exhibit is another excellent strategy to increase the income of your business.

Experiences with celebrity chefs

Bring in celebrity chefs for special dinners or cooking demos to liven up your corporate events.

A celebrity chef's presence can draw foodies and elevate the occasion, leaving a lasting impression on those in attendance.

Incorporate games

Integrating unique gaming stations into your space is one of the best ways to capitalize on the concept of eatertainment.

Any kind of game could work here; the one you choose will depend on the size of your venue and the interests of your target audience.

For example, Ace Eat Serve is a restaurant and bar that features ping pong tables in their area; this is an idea that has proven to be quite well-liked by their patrons.

A bowling alley, arcade games, or perhaps something more exciting like ax throwing are available at certain locations.

If ping pong and arcade games aren't appropriate for your area, you might also add some board games or even coloring books.

Using this easy method, you may capitalize on the eatertainment trend.

What experts have to say about eatertainment

  • Joe Pine and James Gilmore, authors of "The Experience Economy": "Companies are realizing that in today's experience economy, where value is increasingly derived from feelings, emotions, and memories, the best way to compete is to stage experiences."
  • “When you combine casual dining’s intense cost pressures with what is now more than a decade of consistent psychographic data stating modern generations have an appetite for experiences and will spend more to dine with them, it’s created an eatertainment perfect storm,” Punch Bowl Social founder Robert Thompson explained to Restaurant Business.

What experts have to say about eatertainment


Through eatertainment, you can captivate audiences in a variety of ways.

Regardless of whether you manage a restaurant, bar, or event venue, this is a concept that is always worthwhile to explore.

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What makes an Eatertainment example?

Examples of Entertainment:

  • Cooking classes and demonstrations.
  • Live in tune with music.
  • Inventive cooking (like medieval food!)
  • Bowling while enjoying refreshments.
  • Bars that have vintage video games.

What does the term "eatertainment" mean?

Eatertainment is defined as a guest experience that includes feasting on food and/or beverages before, during, or following other activities. Here's an example: a bowling alley with food and drink seating.

What kind of events are corporate events?

Team retreats, company picnics, conferences, awards ceremonies, sizable conventions, and many more are examples of in-person corporate events.



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