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15 Best Restaurant Feedback Questions

Ryan Andrews
Ryan Andrews

Sep 6, 2020 3:59:34 PM

In the rising competitive environment of the restaurant industry, customer feedback has become more valuable than ever. Gathering information about your guests' experience is now key for gaining comprehensive insights about your restaurant's performance and getting a competitive edge.

But, the only way customer feedback can help your restaurant perform better is by asking the right questions. It's important to ensure that you are asking your guests for feedback that will help you attain your restaurant's goals. 

We have rounded up 15 of the most important questions you should ask in your restaurant survey to gather valuable information from your diners. You can pick the questions that are more suitable to your business and add them to your restaurant survey. 

15 questions to ask in your restaurant survey

  1. Was this your first visit to our restaurant?
    This question can help you determine whether the diner filling out the survey is a new or existing customer, which will help you analyze & understand their feedback better.
  2. Were you satisfied with our menu options?
    Through this question, you can find out whether guests are happy with your current menu offerings or if you need to make changes to your menu to suit their requirements better.
  3. Did you enjoy our food?
    As your restaurant's food is almost always the main reason diners visit, it's important to know what they think about it. By understanding your customers' opinion about your food, you can make changes to serve them better and keep them coming back for more. 
  4. Who was your server today?
    If you're trying to find out how each of your staff is performing to provide them with adequate support, this question can be quite helpful. Don't forget to pair it with the next question to gain a proper understanding of your staff's performance. 
  5. Was the service friendly and satisfactory? 
    Great service can be the difference between a new customer becoming a regular or never returning again, so this question can help you determine whether your staff is performing well or needs more training to improve customer experience. 
  6. Did you find our restaurant to be family friendly?
    If your target customer base includes families, it will be helpful to understand whether your restaurant is able to create a welcoming family environment or if it needs more family-friendly features.
  7. Was the restaurant clean & hygienic? 
    A clean environment has become one of the most important factors considered by guests while dining out, so make sure that diners are satisfied with the standard of cleanliness & hygiene at your restaurant.
  8. If you made an advanced booking, how was your reservation experience?/ If you ordered online, how was your experience?
    It's important to understand whether the technologies (reservation software, online ordering platforms etc.) you are using at your restaurant are working as expected and providing customers with an easy and smooth experience or not, so that you can make changes accordingly. 
  9. What was your favorite thing about your visit?
    This open-ended question can really help you identify your restaurant's strengths and help you amplify them. Don't forget to pair it with the next question to get a comprehensive view of your restaurant.
  10. What was your least favorite thing about your visit?
    As important as it is to know your strengths, it's equally important to understand your restaurant's weaknesses and where you are falling short, so that you can take actions to rectify any issues and provide a better customer experience.
  11. Where did you hear about us?
    Understanding where your customers are finding out about your restaurant can help you prioritize your marketing efforts towards the right channels accordingly.
  12. How likely are you to recommend us to your friends and family.
    People are only likely to recommend restaurants to others that they themselves enjoy, therefore this answer will help you get an idea about how customers feel about your restaurant.
  13. Would you visit us again?
    A loyal customer base is a crucial part of running a successful restaurant, so understanding if diners are likely to return to your restaurant or not is a good indicator of whether your restaurant is on the right track.
  14. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
    This is an open-ended question you can ask your diners to get feedback beyond the usual questions that can help you identify positive or negative things about your restaurant that you are currently unaware about.
  15. Rate your overall experience from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent)
    This rating can really help you gain an understanding of your restaurant's overall appeal and help you take strategic decisions moving forward. 

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