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Top 3 Tools to Decrease Restaurant Costs

People in the restaurant business know that the fundamentals of the business really haven’t changed ...
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How Automation Is Changing the Way Restaurants Do Business

These days, automation is the talk of the town – and the food industry is no exception. Research ...
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Powerful Restaurant Management System

See how our guest management platform can improve hospitality at your restaurant.

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Online Customer Acquisition Strategies for Restaurants

You can spend months researching tactics and strategies on how to get more business for your ...
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How Data POS Integration Helps Restaurants Grow Their Business

The growth of fast casual chains is one of the most important trends in the restaurant industry in ...
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How Restaurants Can Use Social Proof to Attract New Customers

In a world with millions of potential customers, competition in the hospitality industry is fierce ...
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How to Become a Better Restaurant Server (6 tips and secrets)

Being a good server at a restaurant isn’t just about ensuring the guests get their orders on time, ...
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6 Restaurants Using Automation to Reinvent their Operations

Restaurant automation can be a controversial topic.
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How Restaurants Are Using Data and Analytics to Increase Profits

As digitization reshapes the functional and operational outlook of the restaurant industry, major ...
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The 8 Elements of Superior Restaurant Customer Service

As a restaurant owner, you can have the best ambiance, excellent menu, ample waitstaff coverage and ...
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Eat App partners with Google to Bring 'Reserve with Google' to UAE's Restaurants

We're pleased to announce that Eat App has launched an official partnership with Google to bring ...
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